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Enmotus, based in the heart of the Silicon Coast, has developed Enterprise Software that optimizes application performance and storage capacity by creating fully automated intelligent hybrid volumes. The unique ability to virtualize any storage media, including not only SSD/HDD but also SSD/SSD, creates an unfair advantage that outperforms today’s caching architectures, eliminates CPU overhead and provides higher usable capacities. The capacity efficient storage layer operates at the speed of the highest performance storage devices but delivers a solution that is up to 1/5th the cost of all-flash/memory tier equivalents.


Our FuzeDrive software leverages low cost commodity hardware, providing data centers an economical high performance alternative to proprietary storage area network (SAN) based data centers. By improving server efficiency, FuzeDrive minimizes the server footprint, decreases power and cooling costs and simplifies storage management.


Our state of the art management analytics provide IT managers real time visibility into their storage performance and tools to allow them to fine tune their storage to match the unique requirements of their application.


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