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Machine Intelligence Learns How You Use Your Computer And Maximizes Performance


The Performance You Want AND The Capacity You Need


FuzeDrive for AMD Ryzen software combines your performance SSD with capacity storage into a single fully automated volume.  Your active data is dynamically  placed on your fast storage media without any manual intervention.  Advanced Machine Intelligence learns how you use your system and ensures SSD performance for all of your applications.

(Note - The current version of Fuzedrive for Ryzen only supports 128GB of the SSD as the Fast Tier.  See the FAQ for details)

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Machine Intelligence
Combines your fast and slow storage drives as a single C: drive. Learns how you use your computer and adapts automatically to make sure performance is optimized.  Automatically moves frequently used data to the fast SSD tier and less frequently used data to the capacity tier.


Flash Performance
Your applications are served up from your fast storage media resulting in fast boot times, accelerated game loading and applications. Dynamic data movement means you no longer have to manually manage what drive to store you data on.


Large Capacity
Create virtual SSDs - vSSD - from 1TB-10TB in size with SSD performance.  Yes, you can have SSD performance and capacity too!

FuzeDrive for AMD allows you to mix any two storage media drives into a single vSSD with a performance tier and capacity tier.  Mix SSD with hard drives, or NVMe with SSD, or Optane with SSD or HDD.  You get the picture. 



FuzeDrive for AMD Ryzen Desktop is supported on AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors (in socket AM4 and sTR4 motherboards for Ryzen7, Ryzen5, Ryzen3, and Ryzen Threadripper) and Windows 10 operating system.It requires 2 drives (an SSD/HDD or SSD/SSD combo).  Installation is simple and only takes about 5 minutes.   One of the drives should be  a new drive without any data (See Install Guide if this is not the case).  Remember, always back up your data prior to installation of any new software. FuzeDrive is compatible with AMD Socket AM4 motherboards with the B350 and X370 chipset, and on socket sTR4 motherboards with the X399 chipset. ***Not Yet Compatible with the A320 chipset

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