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Upgrade Your StoreMI To FuzeDrive

AMD StoreMI and Ryzen Customers Can Take Advantage of FuzeDrive

Did you know that you can now buy a FuzeDrive SSD that has our AI Technology Integrated into the SSD including Direct Access SLC technology Learn More

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FuzeDrive 256 Software


Up to 256GB Fast Tier SSD1
NVMe, Optane, m.2, SATA SSD
Windows 10

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FuzeDrive 1000 Software


Up to 1TB Fast Tier SSD1
NVMe, Optane, m.2, SATA SSD
Windows 10

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FuzeDrive XL Software


Up to 32TB Fast Tier SSD
NVMe, Optane, m.2, SATA SSD
Windows 10
Single 2 Drive Tier

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Supports any size SSD for the fast tier but the total capacity of the Tiered  Volume can not exceed 32TB


FuzeDrive for AMD Ryzen has been replaced by FuzeDrive, which supports both AMD and Intel processors.  Anyone who has previously purchased FuzeDrive for AMD Ryzen can confidently update their software to the FuzeDrive version when updates are available.  The NEW 1.5.X version of FuzeDrive now supports ALL Ryzen processors and chipsets, including the new 500 series.  FuzeDrive features a new and improved User Interface.

Why Upgrade?

  • You have the free version of StoreMI and you want a larger fast Tier
  • You have an older X300 Chipset and you want to take advantage of the FuzeDrive Software
  • You want flash performance and capacity and you want it to be fully automated so your performance is always optimized

Visit the FAQ for more information

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FuzeDrive is compatible with 

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AMD- All Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper Desktop Processors including the new 500 Series Chipsets

Requires 2 drives (an SSD/HDD or SSD/SSD combo).
Installation is simple and only takes about 5 minutes.
One of the drives should be  a new drive without any data (See Install Guide if this is not the case).
Remember, always back up your data prior to installation of any new software. 
(1) Capacity beyond supported capacity will be available as a separate partition

Operating System

Windows 10 operating system.


FuzeDrive software combines your performance SSD with capacity storage into a single fully automated volume.

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