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95% of all storage applications do not need all flash

Posted by Adam Zagorski on Jun 23, 2016 10:35:23 AM

If you could have all flash performance at 80% of the cost of an all-flash solution, would you be interested? From a financial point of view, it is hard to argue.


It is pretty well documented that for most applications, less than 5-10% of the data across a volume is active at any point in time. Given this, it does not make sense to pay all flash prices to store your inactive data. Granted, there are applications that are active across the entire LBA range of a volume, or that cannot tolerate any unpredictable latency. For these applications, by all means, an all-flash solution is the right choice.


For the majority of us, a hybrid solution is the optimal choice. Keep in mind that not all hybrid solutions are created equal. For optimal performance, your hybrid solution should have the following characteristics:

  • File pinning because there are applications for which you want to guarantee full flash performance for all IO
  • Real time data promotion to performance storage because the solution should react to dynamic requirements, not yesterday’s activity
  • Full automation because your time is too valuable to constantly manage storage
  • Unrestricted fast tier capacities because you need the ability to size your storage to your unique needs
  • Visibility into your storage behavior because you need information to guarantee your storage is optimized

 FuzeDrive provides flash performance but costs 80% less than all flash

Multiple vendors claim that their solutions meet the critical criteria, but the real proof comes from how well the solution can keep up with dynamic changes. Enmotus’ FuzeDrive Storage Device Virtualization (SDV) software is categorized as Intelligent Hybrid Storage, which utilizes device analytics to track the location and frequency of every IO and reacts to this information in real time, continuously making sure performance is optimized.


Recently, StorageIO, an independent analyst firm, tested the Enmotus FuzeDrive Storage Device Virtualization software. Utilizing various test tools including Dell’s Benchmark Factory (TPCC) and fio.exe, StorageIO demonstrated that a solution comprised of an NVMe fast tier, blended with an all HDD capacity tier, was able to keep up with a pure flash solution. More importantly, in the tested configuration, the FuzeDrive hybrid solution cost 80% less than the all-flash solution. Read the test report.


Another key feature of the Enmotus SDV solution is that it works with any block device, including memory class storage such as 3D XPoint, NVMe, SAS/SATA SSD as well as hard drives. This results in the flexibility to tailor the hybrid volumes to meet any performance/cost requirements including all flash hybrid solutions.


In summary, while a limited number of applications exist that require all flash, the sensible solution from both performance and economics is a fully automated real-time hybrid storage solution.


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