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Enmotus And PCSpecialist Accelerate High Performance Computer Gaming

Posted by Adam Zagorski on Jan 22, 2021 10:00:00 AM

FuzeDrive, The World’s Smartest SSD, Now Available With PCSpecialist


Irvine, CA – January 12, 2021. Enmotus, the leader in Artificial Intelligent powered storage

technology, announced a partnership with PCSpecialist, Europe’s leading system integrator,

who focuses on building high-performance systems for enthusiasts, gamers and computing

professionals. PCSpecialist is now offering FuzeDrive SSD to discriminating customers

demanding uncompromised storage performance.pc specialist blog

“PCSpecialist are looking forward to working with Enmotus to offer SSDs that are not only

high in performance, but also provide the longevity desired by today’s gamers and

computing professionals,” said Danny Williams, CEO of PCSpecialist.

“We are thrilled to partner with PCSpecialist, a company with both a great reputation and

brand recognition,” said Andy Mills, CEO of Enmotus. “This relationship is a testament to

the value that FuzeDrive SSD brings to gamers and professionals alike,” added Andy.

“FuzeDrive’s AI capability offers consumers 4 key storage cornerstones leading to an

unrivaled gaming experience:

• Low latency for instantaneous responsiveness

• Performance that doesn’t degrade as the drive fills up

• Endurance so that your SSD will outlast your computer

• Expandable capacity so you have enough space to store all your games and media.

To learn more about PCSpecialist FuzeDrive SSD solutions, please visit PCSpecialist’s


To learn more about the Enmotus FuzeDrive SSD, please visit Enmotus’ website.

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