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Hybrid All Flash Arrays –The Time Has Come

Posted by Adam Zagorski on Oct 6, 2015 10:27:48 AM

When most people think of hybrid storage, they think about flash mixed with HDD, but you can also have an all flash hybrid solution as well. Hybrid All Flash makes sound business sense. It makes sense for the same reasons traditional hybrid solutions make sense. Hybrid all flash solutions provide the performance of high performance flash combined with the economics and capacity points of more economical flash storage.

All Flash Array Deployment

IDC Corporation recently published a survey stating that 70% of big enterprises across Asia Pacific have or plan to deploy All Flash Arrays (AFA). This shouldn’t be surprising as enterprises have the budgets to deploy AFAs, which allows them to utilize these arrays to achieve operational efficiency, speed application performance and expand their businesses with sophisticated real time analytics and decision support systems. For those organizations that require all flash arrays, a hybrid all flash array will still provide the application performance but it could also improve operational efficiency even more.

The emergence of flash storage created a major gap between the expensive high performance flash storage and the cost effective high capacity hard drives. Organizations that could not afford all flash solutions closed that gap by deploying hybrid solutions. As flash storage technology continues to mature, and cost points of flash decline, this same gap exists between high price/high performance flash as NVMe solutions and much more cost-effective higher capacity SAS/SATA SSDs. What hasn’t changed is the fact that in the majority of all environments big and small, an average of only 10% of the data is active. For the reasons stated earlier, while All Flash Arrays may be the proper solution, it does not make sense to store the majority of your data on the most expensive class of flash. In fact, hybrid all flash could even increase application performance as it would allow the highest performing flash technology to be deployed, which could be cost prohibitive if the entire array was composed from that technology.


Advanced technologies such as FuzeDrive Intelligent Storage Acceleration Software from Enmotus can transform any server storage solution into a Hybrid All Flash Array, which utilizes high-speed flash for primary storage applications and cost effective flash for bulk storage.


Benefits of Hybrid All Flash Arrays

  • Improved TPCC benchmarks scores. Performance characteristics of high performance flash such as NVME and cost points of economical flash such as SAS/SATA drives.
  • Best in class All Flash economics by integrating cost effective flash technology
  • Mix any ratio of high speed flash to cost effective flash to match capacity needs of active data
  • Fully automated real-time operation that adapts to changing data patterns on the fly

All Flash Arrays make business sense for some organizations, but does it make sense for the entire array to be made up of only 1 type of flash?  Doesn't it make more sense to use the highest performing, albeit expensive, flash for your most active data and a more cost effective flash for the remainder?  This gives you the performance you need and better economics as well.

Enmotus FuzeDrive provides these benefits.  Try it here.   Free Trial