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Intelligent Auto-tiering Balances Storage Performance, Capacity and Affordability

Posted by Adam Zagorski on Jun 22, 2015 11:10:25 AM

Back in college humanities we learned about the Inconsistent Triad. Without getting into a religious discussion, suffice it to say that the Inconsistent Triad consisted of 3 statements. Any of the 2 statements taken together were true, but the third always negated the other 2.  I bring this up because I believe we have an Inconsistent Triad in the storage business.  The 3 components of the Storage Triad are Performance, Capacity and Cost (or affordability). It is hard to get all 3!  


If you desire performance and high capacity, you need to sacrifice affordability

If you desire capacity and affordability, you need to sacrifice performance.

If you desire performance at an affordable price point, you need to sacrifice capacity

This is where hybrid storage comes into play – Hybrid storage balances Performance, Capacity and Cost.

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Tiered Hybrid Storage Provides Best Overall Cost of Ownership

Posted by Adam Zagorski on Jun 11, 2015 1:07:00 PM

The drop in price for solid state drives continues to fuel the adoption rate of this storage media.  While the debate continues about if and when solid state will replace hard drives, it is clear that in the majority of applications, tiering solid state storage with HDDs into a hybrid volume makes economic sense today.


The true cost of storage takes into account both the acquisition costs of hardware as well as ongoing operating costs, with power and cooling accounting for a significant portion of the operating costs.  Over a 5 year period, a scale out storage architecture which incorporates tiered hybrid storage saves significant costs over both a pure HDD solution as well as an all flash solution.

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The Rise of Hybrid Storage and HFA

Posted by Andy Mills on May 23, 2015 1:00:00 PM

IDC just released their latest data showing that hybrid flash arrays (HFAs) accounted for around $10BN of the disk array market in 2014, growing to almost $14BN by 2018 (IDC presentation here). HFAs use a small mix of flash with conventional hard drives along with some hidden intelligence (usually embedded software) to ensure frequently accessed data is stored on the faster flash portion of the HFA. Our good friends at Techtarget have a nice article on the merits of HFA for those that wish to dig deeper here that adds to the IDC analysis.

HFA and AFA revenue forecast excluding “big data AFA”  (Source: IDC DSI2015 presentation via SNIA.org)

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The Misconceptions About Tiering

Posted by Adam Zagorski on May 8, 2015 11:22:22 AM

One of the most common misconceptions about tiering that I hear is that it is “Difficult”. Other frequent comments include statements such as “Tiering requires IT managers to configure the tiers for a specific workload”, and “For flexibility and growth, caching is the answer”. These misconceptions are based on most people’s knowledge of tiering, which I will call “Macro” Tiering and is most prevalent in enterprise storage arrays.  

The reality is that today’s solutions make tiering very simple, and in most cases are the better option for applications that would normally consider caching.  With ever increasing growth in server storage, as well as scale out storage, we have seen tiering migrate from high-end external storage into server-based storage.  This movement into servers necessitates changes in tiering algorithms and how they behave, as moving large files based on yesterdays activity or even last weeks activity is both inefficient and does not respond to the dynamic environment of most workloads.

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