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PC Capacity Anxiety - Where Will I Store All of My Data?

Posted by Adam Zagorski on Nov 12, 2019 9:56:22 AM

Computer games are now approaching 175GB in size.  Add some videos to your library, a few high resolution photos, and suddenly you realize you are out of disk space.  Has this happened to you?

game download failed

Traditionally, If you need performance, then an SSD is the only choice, but they are expensive and capacities have been limited.  Hard drives provide the capacity but are too slow to give you optimal performance, especially if you are a gamer.  The archaic solution is to buy both and manually move data back and forth to get your hot applications into your fast SSD.  Think about it, this is the 21st century.  Cars are already driving themselves but you are stuck manually moving data between 2 types of drives.  Really?  There  has to be a better solution.

Luckily, you can have the performance of a high speed SSD and capacity too.  All you need to do is add a little Machine Intelligence, and let your computer do the work for you.  FuzeDrive, software that combines your performance flash with a second capacity SSD or HDD, provides the Machine Intelligence you need.  The software makes your new combined drive appear as a single drive on your PC.  It automatically moves your frequently accessed files/games to your fastest drive for optimal performance.


FuzeDrive puts you in total control of your new high performance, high capacity drive.  You want ZERO compromises and cost is secondary?  How about combining Optane with a high capacity NVMe SSD as your new FuzeDrive.  If this is a bit more than you can bite off, you can combine an NVMe SSD as your fast drive and a SATA SSD as your capacity drive.  A bit more cost conscious?  Use the SSD of your choice as the fast tier and an HDD to give you the extra capacity you need.


The good news, regardless of  whether you choose to go for an All Flash hybrid solution or flash/HHD, you will experience the performance of your fast drive of choice and the capacity of your combined drives.  Best of all, Machine Intelligence does ALL the work for you, keeping your system optimized as it learns how you use your system.


Visit FuzeDrive to see how you can take your PC to the next level.

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