Empower Dell Servers

With Machine Intelligence

Autonomous storage that self manages and self optimizes
utilizing real-time storage analytics

  • Intelligent learning algorithms
  • High performance virtualization
  • Spatial and time based analytics

    Dell VSSD Battle Card

Dell EMC VSSD Software

Flash is utilized as the primary storage for your active data, while cost effective secondary storage (HDD or SSD) media stores your less frequently accessed data. Enmotus’ Virtual SSD (VSSD) server based software allows you to realize the full performance of flash storage at a price you can afford. Best of all, it does it automatically.

Dell PowerEdge servers are designed to deliver in demanding mission critical applications such as CRM, ERP, OLTP and large databases. Your choice of performance storage media, such as NVMe flash, blended capacity storage media, along with Enmotus Virtual SSD Software provides you the optimal balance of performance, storage utilization and cost.

Enmotus is a Certified Dell Technology Partner and a member of the Dell SnP program

Dell Capacity and Performance .jpg

Enmotus Virtual SSD performance offers SSD equivalent performance and capacity at a substantially lower cost point.

VSSD is a DELL EMC recommended replacement for DAS Cache
Dell VSSD Battle Card