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A Dell EMC Replacement For SanDisk DAS Cache


The Dell EMC version of the Virtual SSD software is only available through Dell EMC. Please contact your local Dell EMC sales representative.


Dell EMC Sales Representatives:

You can place an order for the Virtual SSD software from 
Dell EMC SnP using the SnP SKU. Order the Dell EMC PowerEdge server normally through the sales tools.

Dell EMC Virtual SSD Software:
SnP SKU - A9611238


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Dell VSSD Battle Card

The Virtual SSD Software enables real-time tiering for Windows and Linux, and brings flexibility and benefits beyond what is available from traditional cache solutions.

Enmotus Virtual SSD offers two operating modes to help transition from DAS Cache:

  • Full Tier Mode, which provides high performance read and write acceleration for customer applications AND gives back the SSD capacity to users
  • Copy Tier Mode which provides a read acceleration alternative to the traditional DAS Cache read caching mode