Important Notices 

Dec, 2021  - Windows 11 is supported by the latest 1.8 version of the software via the Windows 10 update process. New installations should also work though not yet completely verified. As always, backup any important data prior to making any significant changes to your system.

June 1, 2020  - AMD StoreMI 1.5 or earlier users.  AMD has opted to no longer distribute or support AMD StoreMI released prior to March 31st 2020.
Dec 5 2019 - Please do not use OneDrive Personal Vault at this time.  See Known Software Conflicts
Nov 1 2019 - Please do not use Windows Sandbox at this time.  If your bootable tier won't login to Windows, you can disable Windows Sandbox from Safe Mode.  See Known Software Conflicts

Oct 17 2019 - Version 1.5.3 has been released.  See link above to see what is new.

April 16 2019 - A disk drive that was formerly part of a non-bootable or MBR bootable FuzeDrive will not be visible in Windows setup if the FuzeDrive was not deleted. See Cleaning Drives During a Windows Setup

April 16 2019 After reinstalling on a disk drive that was formerly part of a UEFI bootable FuzeDrive without cleaning the disk as described in the link referenced above, you may be informed that you cannot create a second FuzeDrive. This is because there is still stale metadata from the previous tier. Open an Administrator PowerShell or command prompt and enter:
ecmd --delete_all    Note: Be careful with this command, as it will destroy a working tier and the data on it.

April 16 2019 - If in MBR /  Legacy boot mode you will be limited to 2TB. See Dealing With Legacy Boot Drives and the 2TB Limit



System Requirements


Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Generation Intel® Core Processors with their corresponding motherboard chipsets: Intel 100, 200, and 300 series chipsets.



Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper Desktop Processors including the new 500 series


Requires 2 drives (an SSD/HDD or SSD/SSD combo).  Installation is simple and only takes about 5 minutes.   One of the drives should be  a new drive without any data (See Install Guide if this is not the case).  Remember, always back up your data prior to installation of any new software. 

(1) Capacity beyond supported capacity will be available as a separate partition


Operating System

Windows 10 operating system.


What is FuzeDrive?

FuzeDrive is Real-time Tiering software with Machine Intelligence. It blends 2 different classes of storage media (fast and capacity) into a single volume that appears to the operating system as the C: drive. Active data is automatically moved to your fast storage media and stored there and your inactive data is kept on the capacity storage. Your storage activity is dynamically monitored and learns how you use your system. The result is you get the performance benefits of your fast storage and the combined capacity of both the fast and capacity drives. Since it is fully automated, you do not need to worry about manually moving data between 2 drives.


How much CPU is utilized?

FuzeDrive utilizes only about 1-2% of the CPU.  Unlike cache, which has to manage lookup tables, FuzeDrive is a mapping technology.


What is your warranty?

The warranty is 90 days, as outlined in our End User License Agreement (EULA)


Is a trial of the software available?

We do not offer a trial version of the software


How do I buy FuzeDrive?

FuzeDrive can be bought directly on our online store. The store is managed by our e-commerce partner - Fastspring. Fastspring accepts payment in most foreign currencies. After the purchase, the software and license key will be e-mailed to you.


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