How To Clone Your Existing Drive To A FuzeDrive SSD

Download Cloning Software

Enmotus FuzeDrive SSD comes with a free copy of Enmotus Branded Macrium Reflect Cloning Software, but there are few items you need to be aware of.

Depending on your computer you may need some additional components.

The best case scenario is if your computer has an empty NVMe slot.  In this case you can clone directly from your current drive to the FuzeDrive SSD without any extra components.

If your computer does not have an extra free NVMe slot, you will require an external USB to NVMe drive.  These drives are available from multiple sources.

First, you’ll need to install the drive. If installing into your computer, make sure your power supply is unplugged. Locate the available M.2 slot on your motherboard to install it.  If you do not have an available M.2 slot, install it into the external USB M.2 Carrier.

If your drive includes the Heat Sink option, don’t forget to plug in the cable that came with your heat sink into the drive as well as a 3 pin connector on the motherboard.

Turn your computer on. Windows may install the driver and AI monitoring software automatically.  This is OK.   If your FuzeDrive SSD needs any additional configuration, the Fuzion software will tell you.

Download the Enmotus Macrium Reflect Cloning software.

Download Cloning Software

Run the cloning software according to the instructions in the FuzeDrive Cloning Utility User Guide.

If you want to access the full AI capabilities, we’re not quite done yet.

Reboot your system.

Go to Windows Update, found in settings, and run “Check for Updates” to make sure you have the latest driver. Your system should automatically download and install the driver and Enmotus Fuzion for your SSD. Optionally, you can download the Fuzion Utility from the Microsoft store 

Get Fuzion

Once that is done, you should have the Fuzion software installed.

After Fuzion downloads and installs make sure to click the “Launch” button on the windows toast notification.  If you mis the notification, don’t worry.  You can launch Enmotus Fuzion from the start menu. 

Open the Fuzion software, and it will let you know if it needs to do any additional configuration.. 

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