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FuzionX is a specialized version of our FuzeDrive Software that does not require a license key.  It is available free of charge to all users of the FuzeDrive SSD. The software locks to the FuzeDrive SSD hardware, which simplifies the install and usage of FuzionX’s capabilities. 

FuzionX allows you to easily expand the capacity of your FuzeDrive SSD by blending (adding) a second SATA SSD or HDD to the FuzeDrive SSD.  This creates one easy to manage volume that has the performance characteristics of the FuzeDrive SSD plus enough capacity to store multiple volumes of games, applications movies or any other data you have.  The Artificial Intelligence of the FuzeDrive SSD automatically manages the placement of your data to maximize performance of your active applications and cost effectively store those applications which are not being used.

  Download FuzionX
  (Version Enmotus_FuzionX_install_Win64_1.8.0.23972_PR)
   Updated Mar 24, 2021

Key Features and Restrictions:

- Supports up to 32TB of total storage
- No license key required. The SSD is the license key
- For each FuzeDrive SSD, you may create only one extended tier (only 1 SATA HDD or SSD can be added to a FuzeDrive)
- FuzeRam Cache is not included 
- THIS VERSION OF FUZIONX DOES NOT SUPPORT BOOT DRIVES. The initial  only version supports extending a FuzeDriveSSD when it is used as a data drive
The next revision will support extending a FuzeDriveSSD when it is used as a bootable drive
- Users will get an automatic notification when an upgrade is available.

Check this website for any other updates.  If you need more help, please contact our support.

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