FuzeDrive SSD How To and Support Articles

How To Install FuzeDrive SSD With A New OS

If you want to use a FuzeDrive SSD as your main windows boot drive, here’s how

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How To Install FuzeDrive SSD As A Data Drive

If you want to use a Fuzedrive SSD as a data drive in your system, here’s how 

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How To Clone Your Drive To A FuzeDrive SSD

If you want to clone your drive to a FuzeDrive SSD as your boot drive, here’s how

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FuzeDrive SSD System Requirements

FuzeDrive SSD is an M.2 form factor NVMe SSD designed for desktops and laptops

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Intel RST/Remap Mode Detected

Remapping is a technique used by specific Intel only systems to re-route the NVMe ... 

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MBR Partitions Not Supported by Fuzedrive

Your FUZEDRIVE SSD needs to be configured for maximum performance and lifetime

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FuzionX Volume Expansion Software

FuzionX allows you to easily expand the capacity of your FuzeDrive SSD ...

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Not Seeing Expected Performance?

The performance of an SSD is dependent upon the PC Components ...

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How To Initialize & Partition A FuzeDrive SSD

Before you can use your new FuzeDrive SSD you have to initialize and partition it.

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