Installing FuzeDrive SSD With A New OS

Our new FuzeDrive SSD, the World’s Smartest SSD, is the first SSD to utilize Artificial Intelligence to get top of the line performance and endurance in a single, affordable NVMe drive. If you want to use a FuzeDrive SSD as your main windows boot drive, here’s how: 

First, you’ll need to install the drive in your computer. Make sure your power supply is unplugged. Locate the M.2 slot on your motherboard, it should look like this. Make sure the appropriate standoff is screwed in like so. If it is not, you should be able to find it in the box your motherboard came in. Insert the SSD at about a 45 degree angle, making sure to line up the notch on the drive with the notch on the slot. Then press down on the drive and screw it in the other end. Don’t forget to plug your power supply back in before trying to turn it on!

Now, insert your Windows install media, likely a USB flash drive or an optical disk. Turn on your computer and follow the prompts to install Windows normally. Once the process is complete, remove the installation device and boot your computer normally. Now you have an operating system installed, but we’re not quite done. 

Go to Windows Update, found in settings, and your system should automatically download and install the appropriate driver for your SSD. Once that is done, you should have the Fuzion software installed.

After Fuzion downloads and installs make sure to click the “Launch” button on the windows toast notification.  If you mis the notification, don’t worry.  You can launch Enmotus Fuzion from the start menu. 

Open the Fuzion software, and it should prompt you to activate the AI capabilities of your SSD. 

Once that’s done, simply restart your computer, and you now have a fully functional AI accelerated SSD ready for use! 

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