Why Am I Not Seeing Expected FuzeDrive SSD Performance?

Summary: Fuzedrive SSD does match performance specifications noted in Product Sheet

The performance of an SSD is dependent upon the PC Components and their performance characteristics. To match the performance specs indicated in the product sheet, it is advised to use the same CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Memory and Power Supply or components that are close to those specified in the product sheet. With higher end components, the performance may be higher.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X


Memory: Corsair 3600MHz 32GB

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair 08 Wifi X570

Power Supply: EVGA 750W Gold

If this still does not product similar results, then follow this set of steps to ensure that you will see consistent results from your PC and to reduce other CPU/Storage loads during NVMe SSD testing.

1) Turn off programs that may be utilizing either CPU, GPU or Storage cycles such as search programs (ie: Cortana), virus checking software (ie: Defender, drive encryption software (ie: Bitlocker), communications software (ie: Skype, Zoom) and any programs that actively occurs in the background (ie: Chrome Browser, XBOX interface programs). Also, turn off all indexing functions for email etc…these interfere directly with Random4KQD1 Reads and Writes.
2) Pause Windows Update and turn off the PC’s network connection (Ethernet or Wireless)
3) Check the Fuzion Application to ensure that the AI is set correctly.
4) Go to the Settings/Power/Performance menu and ensure that you are running peak CPU performance (not power saver or balanced power). Set all fans to Max in the BIOS if possible.

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