Buy Just The Right Amount Of Flash

Create a Virtual SSD uniquely tailored to your performance, capacity and price requirements. No restrictions on the ratio of fast storage to capacity storage means your virtual SSD is tailored to your active data set. Fully automated real-time optimization means we do all the work for you.

  • Ideal for databases, enterprise applications, OLTP and content delivery
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Live Migration for existing volumes
  • Works with all block storage devices
  • Advanced pinning capabilities
Virtual SSD Data Sheet

Machine Intelligent Storage

Blend primary storage (Flash) with cost effective storage into a single Virtual SSD. Analytics and data management engines track IO activity in real-time.

Our Machine Intelligent Storage solution automatically places your active data on Primary Storage and moves cold data to Secondary Storage. The blended storage storage appears as a single volume, so all data is always immediately accessible.

Compatibility with any block storage provides you the flexibility to create virtual volumes that meet your performance, capacity and cost requirements. Performance Media blended with Capacity Media examples include:


  • Ultra high performance - RAM/Memory class storage blended with NVMe
  • High performance - NVMe blended with SAS SSD
  • Flash performance - SAS/SATA SSD blended with HDD


Analytics provide real time performance insight. A statistics engine tracks every IO, which creates a heat map of data activity. The eLiveMonitor utility allows you to easily monitor read/write operations and the relative mapping of the performance versus capacity portions of the virtual SSD. 

Buy just the right amount of flash to meet your needs!

  • Verify that your active data resides on primary storage
  • Measure how much active data you have
Turn Your Server Into An Intelligent Data Managment Solution