Information is the heart of business. Having information when you need it provides an edge over competition. Enmotus provides that edge by enabling  “Just the Right Amount of Flash” to accelerate your key applications including business management, transaction processing and analytical processing.


  • Accelerate Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MongoDB, SAP and others

  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

  • Advanced analytic tools provide sys admins visibility into storage performance

Media and Entertainment

Increasing resolution rates are driving requirements for performance and capacity in the media and entertainment space. Right size your flash deployment while containing costs for storing volumes of content rich data.


  • Stream multiple streams of hi-res video

  • Support multiple concurrent render jobs

  • Pin selected files to guarantee top performance





Cloud Storage

Create Cloud solutions utilizing open source software such as Gluster, Ceph, Openstack or Hadoop. Enmotus enables high performance and cost effective server solutions built from commodity X86 hardware.


  • Efficient tiering algorithms require minimal CPU resources

  • Real-time automation minimizes management requirements

  • Compatibility with any block storage devices provides flexibility in design