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We have seen issues with certain NVMe drives.  "If you are tiering an NVMe drive (especially Samsung EVOs), to prevent possible issues with blue screens or hangs, please use the NVMe driver from your manufacturer, if one is available."  More details can be found on our knowledge base.


End User Support Portal

General support as well as product related questions for all users is available through our support portal.


Please visit the knowledge base to solve the most common issues.  


If you can't find the answer you need, please create a support ticket.


If you received your StoreMI Software directly from AMD, please contact AMD Support

AMD StoreMI Support


If you purchased your FuzeDrive software from Enmotus, please contact Enmotus Support

Enmotus FuzeDrive Support       FAQ 


Registered User

Enmotus “Registered User” support is available to our OEM Partners and Enterprise Customers who have purchaded a support agreement with Enmotus.


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