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Andy has worked for more than 24 years in the PC, server, networking and storage industries. Prior to Enmotus, Andy was VP Marketing for Dot Hill Systems where he led the server Virtual RAID Adapter and storage virtualization appliance strategies for the company. At Dot Hill he worked with Dell and HP on storage OEM solutions for servers and appliances, and also re-started Dot Hill's efforts in the VAR channel. Andy joined Dot Hill through an acquisition of Ciprico Inc in 2008, where as SVP Marketing and Development, he created a new product and business strategy based around the acquired assets of RAIDCore Inc from Broadcom. Prior to joining Ciprico, Andy was President and CEO of NetCell Corporation, a VC backed semiconductor storage company targeting prosumer and small business storage applications. Andy held prior positions in general management, marketing, field applications and design engineering at TDK Semiconductor, Rockwell Semiconductor, AMD USA, AMD UK and Ferranti Computer Systems in the UK.

Andy is a Prentice Hall author and has been awarded several patents in the fields of storage and networking. He holds Bachelor's Honors and Master's degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Bangor, UK.


Marshall has worked for more than 30 years in the computer and storage industry. Prior to Enmotus, Marshall was Executive Vice President, Engineering of Emulex Corp. where he was responsible for all Fibre Channel and Internet protocol (IP) storage engineering operations, and served as primary liaison between the engineering teams and senior-level executives at Emulex Corp. Prior to joining Emulex Corp., Marshall served as Vice President, Engineering of Quantum Corp. He held numerous senior management positions during his six years at Quantum, managing a wide range of ASIC, hardware and software development teams. Prior to joining Quantum, Mr. Lee held senior engineering management positions at IBM, Maxtor and Western Digital and helped WD startup in the disk drive business with the very first Caviar family disk drive. Marshall holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.


Board of Directors

Andy Mills
President and CEO/Co-Founder, Enmotus

Marshall Lee
CTO and VP Engineering/Co-founder, Enmotus


Pat Wilkison
Exponential VC

Pat has led the creation of several multi-billion dollar companies, or divisions of Fortune 100 companies. He is viewed as a globally renowned expert in hyper-scale data storage and compute architecture. He was in the trenches helping create data storage and compute infrastructure for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many others. Prior to founding Exponential in 2015, he was the “growth guy” for Western Digital starting, scaling and running multi-billion dollar P&Ls. 

In addition to a degree in engineering from West Point, he was a Provident Scholar at the Center for Investment Studies at the University of Southern California (USC) while completing his MBA, where he studied under the iconic investor and professor Dr. Guil Babcock. Pat was a portfolio manager for the Provident Growth Fund running investments in the Technology Sector. 

Sirjang (Jugi) Tandon

Dr. Tandon currently serves on the board of Enmotus Inc. He founded the Tandon Corporation in 1975, where he invented and patented the first double sided floppy disk drive. This was one of the key factors in the acceptance of the Personal Computer. Tandon disk drives were used in the first IBM Personal computer launched in 1978. At Tandon Corporation, he set up the first hard disk drive manufacturing plant in Singapore, creating an Industry hub for technology manufacturing in Singapore. Tandon Corporation was later merged with the chip controller company Western Digital (NYSE WDC) which continues to be a leader in the Disk Drive Industry. Dr. Tandon also founded Celetronix International which was the largest electronic manufacturing service provider in India and Southeast Asia. Celetronix was acquired by Jabil Circuits (NYSE JBL) in January of 2006. Prior to 1975, Dr. Tandon had worked at IBM, Memorex and Pertec. For his achievements in technology and business, he has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Howard University.

Randy Lunn

With over 30 years of early-stage venture capital experience Randy has consistently found, financed and supported creative entrepreneurs who have grown businesses that are leaders in their fields. Randy is currently the Managing Director of Catalina Ventures, which focuses on early-stage companies in technology, life sciences and other advanced technologies. In 1999 Randy was a founder and Managing Director of Palomar Ventures, which invested in early stage IT companies. From 1990 to 1999 he was the Managing Partner of US operations at Techno Venture Management, an international venture capital firm, where he grew and profitably liquidated a legacy portfolio and built a highly successful portfolio of investments in IT and life sciences companies. Prior to TVM, Randy was a founder and general partner of Fairfield Venture Partners. He began his venture career in 1979 as a founder of Harrison Capital, the venture arm of Texaco. Randy has sat on numerous boards of both US and European companies, helped establish US subsidiaries (SCM Microsystems, Sequenom, ATecoM, Dalim), took interim management positions, and helped advise companies as they navigated the IPO process both in the US and Europe.




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