Why store your inactive data on flash? Blend performance and capacity storage into an automated virtual volume.  The size of the performance tier and the capacity tier can be scaled independantly to meet your individual requirements.

  • Flash performance without the need to over provision
  • Improve storage capacity utilization
  • Flash performance at 1/5th the cost
  • Inactive data automatically moved to performance tier as it becomes active
Virtualization Backgrounder


See inside your storage in ways you never imagined. A data intelligence engine tracks all IO activity. This information is used by the system to make decisions in real time on what data to promote or demote to/from the fast tier. Visual monitoring tools allow you to see the reads/writes and their locality in your volume, making it easy to validate the system is properly optimized. 

  • Eliminate guesswork.  Validate that your active data is on your fast storage tier
  • Real time visibility into your storage activity
  • Maximise utilization with live monitoring and historical trend analysis tools


Match dynamic application and virtual machine need in real time with automated policy driven decision engines. The MicroTiering™ engine continuously balances the volume to guarantee that the system is operating at peak performance without the need of user intervention. Manual pinning capabilities allow you to lock select files to either the performance tier or the capacity tier.

  • Simplify management with continous performance optiization
  • Guarantee application performance with advanced pinning capabilities
  • Online volume expansion and device replacement