Enmotus Joins NetApp Alliance Press Release  

Virtual SSD Software

Enmotus Virtual SSD is a new class of software that dynamically identifies the actual active data set of applications and then automatically moves hot data to the appropriate storage resources in order to optimize performance while containing costs.  Utilizing revolutionary storage device level virtualizationanalytics and optimization techniques, scale out data centers and storage servers will realize improvements in performance, capacity utilization and operating costs.



Virtualize your storage devices
and enable cost effective
flash performance.

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Analyze your storage behavior
and see what your devices are doing
in real time.

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Optimize storage performance
without any
user intervention.

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“Enmotus FuzeDrive offers users unparalleled value by intelligently balancing storage in today’s growth challenged data centers ”
                                             -- Greg Schulz, Founder of StorageIO
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Storage Analytics

Storage Device Virtualization

Flash and memory class storage technologies continue to evolve with respect to performance, capacity and cost. Even hard disk technology continues to evolve with technologies such as SMR offering significant improvements in capacity and cost. Data centers often struggle to take advantage of the tremendous operating and productivity gains these new and emerging devices can bring, and often make do or adopt these devices with no visibility into their effectiveness.

Storage Device Virtualization greatly eases the complexity of integrating, optimizing and managing multiple classes of storage devices in data servers and existing storage technologies.

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Intel Podcast

Intel Storage Builders: Enmotus Analyzes Data to Provide Flash for Optimal Performance

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